Stephen Lee

Stephen Lee began is hospitality career in his home state of Hawaii on the island of Oahu where he held various restaurant jobs throughout high school and college. While attending a Liberal Arts school on the islands, Lee visited San Francisco for the first time and immediately fellin love with the city. So at twenty years old, he packed his bags and made the move to the city where he quickly applied for a host position at Perbacco.Owner Umberto Gibin recognized something special in a young Lee and offered him the job just weeks before the opening of Perbacco in 2006.

While working at Perbacco, Lee attended SanFrancisco City College to pursue a degree in Hospitality Management. During his first five years at the FiDi restaurant, he was not only the host, but took on other responsibilities ranging from building and maintaining relationships with the guests to working with the concierges, and more. Lee was then promoted to Maitre de and continued to work even more closely with Gibin and Executive Chef/Owner, Staffan Terje learning about what it takes to run a restaurant. Both owners agree that he has been an instrumental part of opening and maintaining the day-to-day success of all three of their restaurants.

Now, nearly a decade later, Lee is the Director of Hospitality for Perbacco, barbacco and Volta, working hand-in-hand with Gibin and Terje on everything from managing guest relations and overseeing all private dining events and parties to ensuring that staff at all of the restaurants are kept well-informed and meet the specific standards of service that each restaurant has come to be known for.

Lee is proud to be a part of such a wonderful collection of restaurants. Not only does he appreciate being mentored by one of the city’s most influential restaurateurs on a daily basis, he also enjoys his role that is often ever-changing, even sometimes by the hour. In addition to his regular professional duties, Lee is also very involved in the charity events that the restaurants participate in, including Meals on Wheels and various CUESA events.