Miguel Peffer

Having grown up in Hayward, attended culinary school in San Francisco, and lived in Oakland for the last five years, Miguel Peffer is a true native to the Bay Area. Miguel’s cooking career began in his family’s kitchen, helping his mother cook dinner every night. His grandmother ran the kitchen at the grammar school he attended, and continues to do so. By the time Peffer began attending Mount Eden High School in Hayward, his desire to cook had expanded and he eagerly jumped at the opportunity to take culinary classes that were offered on campus.

Shortly after completing high school, Peffer began his studies at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco and graduated in 2005. Post-graduation, he worked at Paragon Restaurant in San Francisco as lead line cook and then became sous chef, where he remained for three years. After his time at Paragon, he stayed in San Francisco and went on to work in the kitchens of Salt House and Waterbar.

When barbacco opened in 2010, Miguel came on as a cook, being promoted soon after to sous chef. He had always wanted to work with Owner/Executive Chef Staffan Terje, particularly admiring his work ethic and appreciation of fine ingredients. Peffer finds great enjoyment in cooking Italian food since it involves slowing down and building flavors, providing the food with the attention that it deserves. Currently, his favorite dish offered at barbacco is the panzanella salad.

Peffer aspires to one day own his own restaurant. When not in the kitchen, he enjoys playing first base in local baseball leagues, drinking black coffee, and frequenting San Francisco pizza joints including Tony’s and Irving Pizza.